These images were taken off of a large portrait, done by Ludwig Studio in 1920 that I found during the close-out sale at Garland's Men's Wear which was once one of Howell's oldest establishments. While I do not know if this is the entire high school population that year, or just the graduating class, I thought there might some that may not have that elusive photograph of their family member.

Minnie Aldrich Lawrence Bamber
Muriel Batcheler Cecelia Bergin
Florence Bergin Giles Bergin
Joe Brady Alma Brayton
Homer Burtch Ethel Carlson
Harold Chubb Helen Chubb
Arthur Curdy Melvin Curdy
Leo Deane Mildred Driver
Ruth Dunning Margaret Garland
Mabel Gilkes Gertrude Green
Helen Gregory Payson Gregory
George Hacker Dorothy Hamilton
Thelma Hamilton Chester Hoffman
Russell Horwood Sterling Hosley
Christine Houghtaling Rev. William Koteskey
Ruth Lawson Henry Love
Wendell Lyons John McFadyen
Marion McFadyen Norman McQuillan
Arthur Papworth Edward Parker
Esther Payne Geraldine Pell
Gertrude Ryan Claire Schnackenberg
E. Alma Sharp - Sponsor Bailey Smith
Blanche Stockford Ruth Strobel
Clarence Taylor Emily Vines
Bertine Vogt Lloyd Wellman
Helen Wenderlein Lyle Wessinger
Russell West Harriett Wiltse
Melba Wimbles Donald B. Wines
Kathleen Wines Esther Witty
Grace Woodruff Gerald Woodward

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