the Farmer Boy Who Became A Bishop

     A book about the early Episcopal Church in Nebraska published in 1911, by Anson Rogers Graves. Born Vermont, raised in Illinois. Returned to Vermont for education, continued schooling in New York. Taught school near Philadelphia and then enrolled at General Theological Seminary, New York City. June, 1872 - assigned to Plattsmouth, NE.

     Later assigned to Minnesota and New Hampshire parishes, in 1890 he became first bishop of the Platte District, Nebraska Diocese. Lived at Kearney. Also listed under the Cass and Religious Section pages since it covers both. Ted & Carole have yet another notch on their typewriter keyboard <g>

Buffalo County 
Nebraska and Its People

Normally I do not put books that I specifically have not purchased for the Memorial Library on this page, but since one of my transcribers got her local Kearney City Library to allow her to copy this book and I did not have to purchase it for your benefit, I thought it was a good idea to get it listed here with all the other Nebraska books. The history included herein, complete with illustrations by Samuel Bassett, published in 1916 Vol. I is now on line and Mona Houser is now finishing up Vol. 2 which is all the biographies, and has yet to scan in all of the portraits included in these books. She needs to complete this so she can get to transcribing the next box of books that I have sent her. <g> She has  also added an all name index. To quote Mona..."Besides relating the history of the settlement, organization, progress and achievement of the county, including stories of the grasshopper invasions of the 1870's, Easter Blizzard of 1874, etc., it contains a list of all the settlers who filed homestead or pre-emption claims prior to 1880. Bassett also listed many various clubs, lodges, churches and other organizations, with their charter members, first officers, and current (1915) officers and/or members. It includes over 2300 surnames. 

R. L. Polk & Co.'s
Kearney City Directory Nebraska

A wonderful addition to the Memorial Library by two new helpers~! Kaylynn and Mona transcribed and coded this wonderful info packed book that is sure to be a boon to researchers in this area of Nebraska and time frame. As Mona says, "Not beautiful, but there are going to be a lot of researchers doing happy dances when they see what's there.!!" A name index is included which includes those names on the ads also.

Buffalo County Booster, 1917-18

Another great addition to the Library by Mona Houser. This little booklet is now very fragile and the pages are darkened with age. The pages are not numbered, and about half the booklet is ads. This reproduction maintains the original page breaks and I have added an index for the display ads. Civil War veterans and Spanish American War veterans are listed in alphabetical order. If you only want to check it for names, use the search engine near the bottom of the Main Page of the Buffalo County NEGenWeb site

Vermillion's Guide for 
Buffalo County, 1931

Mona Houser, a great county coordinator for Buffalo County states, "I'm happy to report that I have all the text pages and ads of this book. Maps are all complete now."

 This wonderful little booklet includes the names, mailing address and location address of every farmer. It also lists the businesses of the county, by town and category, similar to the yellow pages of a phone book.

 No matter what county you are interested in, you'll find some interesting information, including the number of pounds per bushel or barrel of numerous commodities, including apples, wheat, corn, timothy seed, kaffir corn (what's that?), grapes, emmer, cucumbers, etc.:


 Estimating tons of hay in stacks and mows:


 List of counties, county seat, license plate code number, area in square miles, and population in 1920 and 1930:


 Nebraska Facts:




An interesting discussion of the advantages of irrigation:


 Can you tell I'm just a little excited to have this done? It's been a fun project because of the material included. I've learned so much about tables, scanning and working with images, etc in the process. My primary method of learning is by experience -- that means by making mistakes and having to try again. :-)

1915 Kearney City Phone Directory

is on-line on the Buffalo Co. NEGenWeb Project site, Mona  added an index of surnames in the advertisements that was not part of the original book. Thanks Pam, for yet another contribution to the genealogical resources of Nebraska!!

1952 POLK'S Kearney City Directory
Including Buffalo County

Containing an Alphabetical Directory of Business Concerns and Private Citizens, a Directory of Householders, Occupants of Office Buildings and Other Business Places, Including a Complete Street and Avenue Guide, and Much Information of a Miscellaneous Character; also a BUYERS' GUIDE and a Complete Classified Business Directory.

Thanks Mona for getting this on line!



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