Have Faith In God

     by the Rev. Charles W. Savidge, 1914. While it is posted among the Methodist Episcopal Church publications, Rev Savidge actually resigned from that organization and started an independent church in Omaha. Also was in midst of plans for "House of Hope" for elderly indigents - at time the book was written.

     I would love to say I could keep up with these two expert transcribers, but that is impossible. They are a GREAT asset to the genealogical/historical data on line family!

1909 Omaha Police Souvenir Book

This is a neat book which is now over 100 years old is just great! It has awesome ads and the neatest images of old time police officers and the vehicles that they used in their everyday work. I liked the idea that the officers did their work and they had chauffeurs to drive them around <g> I split up all the images of the officers into individual images so if one of them is your relative as it was for one person who contacted me, you can have a separate image instead of a group shot. I took all the names in the images and the ads and made an all name index out of them, over 1000 names. Enjoy!

1937 Douglas County Plat Atlas

This is a neat little plat atlas which may help in your research of Douglas County NE families. Sadly the printing of this atlas was not very dark and thus some of the names are very difficult to make out. A complete all name index was made by Pam Rietsch that includes any names that showed up on the various sponsor ads also scanned for this booklet, the names on the plat maps and those listed in the small property lists on each map . Enjoy!



Omaha served as a major command and supply center for the Army’s operations in support of the settlement of the West during the final half of the nineteenth century.  This command center role was reestablished on a grander scale during the post World War II period and into the 1990s through the presence of the headquarters of the Strategic Air Command and the Strategic Command. 

     The purpose of this narrative is to examine the origin and role of Omaha’s military posts in performing their command and support function. An all name index by Pam Rietsch is included.

It is due to the generosity of Fred M. Greguras the author of this and the report below that these items are on the net and part of the Memorial Library.

OF OMAHA, Nebraska


This is a fascinating little book that was obviously the social directory of Omaha during that time period...All of the people are alphabetically listed and include children and whether or not they were married. Obviously whoever owned the book was planning a huge party for the time period, almost 500 people. Some were added in and some were crossed off, I guess I will never know why. I also created an all name index of those people listed on the ads that I also scanned.

I will have this back up as soon as possible...being totally reworked.

"Early History of Omaha"
 (1876) by Alfred Sorenson of the Omaha Daily Bee 

  If you think that corruption in politics is new to this century, then this is a must read. When it came time to decide where the capital should be, there were people in Omaha that were determined it would stay there, and this interesting book explains how. Produced with all name index by Pam Rietsch. 

"To Nebraska in '57, 
A Diary of Erastus. F. Beadle"

Ted & Carole Miller say this is a fascinating read by a man that left Buffalo, NY to work in vicinity of Omaha, NE in 1857. They recommend reading the whole thing for overview of the times. I have also listed this book under General History Selections.

"Historical Sketch of Brownell Hall"

This little book covers the history of Brownell Hall in Nebraska City between classes of 1863-1864 & 1913-1914 . Originally in between Florence & Omaha the Alumnae Association of the school was eager to get the history of the school after many of the records were lost. A very interesting read.


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