Totally redone since I put this item on line almost 10 years ago, so I hope you like the changes. When I first put it on line back then all I could do was to scan each page. Now I knew how to open up each image of the four per page and bring out the face that in most cases you could not see before. I hope you enjoy the changes and maybe now you can clearly see your ancestor.

Pam Rietsch


     When we reflect that in 1854, Nebraska was a wilderness or prairie and plain, and that 50 years has seen it transformed into a great commonwealth, teaming with life and industry, and counted one of the foremost of the sisterhood of states, it seems fitting and in keeping with the occasion of this, its golden anniversary, to collect together the portraits of the men who have been so closely identified with the production of this glorius result.

     Here will be found many of the pioneers as well as those who coming later, have added their quota and are entitled to share in the result achieved for this first half century. The task of getting more than one thousand busy men to give time for special sittings for photographs has not been an easy one. And equally difficult has it been to find pictures of many of the old pioneers, who long since have joined the great majority. And while it is hardly possible to make a work of this kind complete, we feel that it is a fair representation of the foremost men, who have helped to make Nebraska what it is, and without them, no history of Nebraska could be written.

     Whatever may be the value or usefulness of this collection to this generation, it will, we feel, be appreciated as almost precious by those that follow.


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