tHe Morrills and Reminiscences

     Published in 1918 Charles H. Morrill lived primarily in Stromsburg & Lincoln, NE. He was a farmer, later in real estate & banking. He served as secretary to Gov. Nance, and in other positions, including Regent of UN. His personal interests included the Native Americans and the fossils of NE.

     Morrill County was named for him. Segments of the book deal with the Olive Brothers, worker's strike in Omaha, water rights & ditches, banking problems, etc. He traveled all over the USA, and visited Europe and Mexico - makes comments about conditions in all those places. This entry is also listed under the Lancaster & Polk County pages.

     Book includes his family history (chart and extracts of Rev. War records) for surnames: ABBOTT, ANNIS, BAGLEY, CURRIER, LAMPERY, LOCKE, MORRILL, WALDRON, WATKINS and others.

Nebraska Navy State Summary 
of World War II Casualties

This was an interesting book to transcribe if only because my father was so involved with the Navy in WWII. So sad to see the long lists of those who died and those thousands who were injured in that campaign, and while there is almost 3000 names in the all name index, this was just one state and only one branch of the service. Each section is split into separate pages so you can click on whatever might interest you. The nice thing about this is for every soldier there is a next of kin listed, whether it be a spouse or parents or sibling and their address. I also added an all name index to make it easier for researchers.


This is a neat little book and while is has nearly 1500 names of men who served their country in the Spanish American War of 1898, it is not as good as other rosters I have placed on line. It only mentions the rank and the company of the soldiers in question, no bios. Pam Rietsch also merged all of the soldiers names into an all name index.

History of the 
Nebraska American Legion

Frank Boyd O'Connell, 1922. 

This was a very interesting book to transcribe as I never knew how the American Legion began, included are all of the first officers of the chapters in the state of Nebraska, There is also an all name index for you to peruse, created by Pam Rietsch.

Last of the Great Scouts

This book written by his sister, has been added to the  Legacy Preservation Society site and is The Biography of Buffalo Bill Cody.  Lynn Waterman, the webmaster of the  LPS site transcribed this book and stated it  was a great pleasure for her to get up. Lynn said "This book was done in such a way that it held your interest instead of the old dry history type thing." Thanks for adding it to the Memorial Library. This also includes an all name index by Lynn Waterman. I have placed this book under the General History Category also.


Kathie has tons and tons of data included in this book and 100's of images too. There are over 350 pages in the book, and she worked for months on this item. It is complete with an all name index. Many thanks Kathie for a great addition of information to help those searching in Lancaster county, NE.



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