25 March 1913

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We finally got two scholars to translate this item.

     The following transcription of the March 23, 1913 Easter Sunday Tornado of this unknown author was translated by Todd and Margret Kohel February 1, 2003.

     We managed to translate 99.9% of the original article. There is one word I could not find, nor my Austrian wife could translate nor her father who still lives in Austria could figure out. The German language is usually consisted of high German which is the normal taught in schools, from there it breaks off in to several dialects depending on which part of Europe you live in, and then throw in a few words of slang which are no longer used today. English follows the same tract as words that were used 100 years ago are not found in today's language.

     I am sorry it took so long for the final draft, but my Wife and I had a few debates on if the the translation should be written in Word for Word, which would have been translated into broken English like from a Kung Fu movie or from an experienced German Journalist with good English, we settled on the latter.

     I did not correct any of the lines of translation from the original document, however I did add a few translators notes to help clarify some of the statements he made in the original document. I grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska just 50 miles from Omaha. Many of the streets and suburbs he refers to I am familiar with. It is interesting to note that Berlin Nebraska, which was hit by one of the Tornados no longer exists on the map today.


Todd and Margret Kohel

Each Page is listed in the Table of Contents as they transcribed it. Many, many thanks for all of their hard work! I also apologize that it took so long to get their wonderful work on line sooner. Sadly due to all the medical mayhem from the idiot who ran the red & slammed into me I am just now working hard to get all of this data on line.


Only German Viewworks

The Destruction Of Dreadful Tornado 
On Easter Sunday, The 23, March 1913

The Frightful Annihilation of Human
Life and Property Through A
Tornado In The History
Of The United States

The Proceeds From Selling These Works Will Be 
Transferred to the Omaha Helps Committee 

Price  25  Cents

Published by Omaha Tribune, Omaha, Nebraska


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