The 1891 Grain Dealers and Shippers Gazetteer


St. Louis Merchant's Exchange
Ambs, Joseph B. Dozier, L. D. Moffit, Nat. L.
Annan, Roger P. Ferguson, Huga Morgan, George H.
Bang, Adolphus Flanagan, Geo. M. Newell, James P.
Baulch, John J. Flack, Chas. E. Orthwien, Chas. F.
Bernheimer, Marcus Gandolfo, John B. Pomeroy, E. A.
Bevis, Alfred Gessler, Emil W. Prather, D. T.
Bienenstok, Herman Graves, Oswald Schulte, John J.
Blossom, Henry M. Hubbard, R. M. Spencer, C. H.
Brady, Hugh J. Judson, F. N. Stebbins, Lovell W.
Brockman, Philip Kauffman, John W. Thyson, John
Carr, Joseph P. Kehlor, D. M. Tompkins, Cornelius
Cox, Chris A. Lanham, Phil S. Walton, E. S.
Craft, Henry G. Mayo, Wm. H. Whitmore, D. R.
Currie, W. I. Wood, Thos. W.

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